How can I order a Rockbridge Guitar?

Contact us to discuss your custom built guitar.  A 20% non-refundable deposit secures your spot in line and locks in current prices.



How long is your waiting list?

Contact us for current estimated delivery time.



Do you have dealers?

No, at this point we have no active dealers.



Do you have any finished guitars for sale?

We will occasionally sell demo model guitars.  Contact us for availability. We are currently planning a gallery at our shop in Charlottesville where new and used Rockbridge Guitars will occasionally be for sale.  This will be a good option for people who don’t wish to wait on custom orders.



Can I pick my own wood?

Yes, in most cases.  Come by our shop and reserve wood for your custom guitar.  For our more common woods, we can send pics of different wood sets for you to choose from.



Can I provide my own wood?

We occasionally will use customer-supplied wood.  The wood has to meet our standards and we are not responsible for any cracks or problems that might occur with the wood.  A fee is applied, to offset our profit loss, if you want to supply your own Brazilian Rosewood.



What’s the deal with Brazilian Rosewood?

When building guitars most Rosewoods are judged by comparing them to Brazilian Rosewood. Brazilian Rosewood is perhaps the most sought after tonewood. It is an amazing both aesthetically and tonally. In the early 1990’s Brazilian Rosewood was placed on the endangered species list of Wild Fauna and Flora. As an endangered species, the harvesting and exporting of Brazilian Rosewood was largely banned. The only Brazilian Rosewood that we will use on our guitars was either harvested before the ban in the early 90’s, or has been legally exported as a repurposed timbre.


We have a small supply of legally acquired Brazilian Rosewood that ranges in price from about $3000 to $6500.



What is 45 Trim?

Abalone purfling surrounds top, fingerboard extension, back, sides, neck heel, and end wedge.





Will you use Ivory nuts, saddles, and bridge pins?

Sorry, we love elephants and support the ban on Ivory



Do the guitars come with a case?




Can you get celebrities to sign the inside of guitars?

Sorry, we don’t have any official affiliation with our high profiled clients and we can’t ask for signatures on the guitars.



How do you ship the guitars?

We recommend overnight shipping through either USPS or FedEx.



Dave Matthews on breaking strings?

From Craig Baker, Dave’s guitar tech….


"Dave breaks the same number of strings at the bridge on any guitar regardless of who made it. The reason is a combination of how many songs are played on a set, how intense the songs are and how much Dave is sweating/ humidity.


I change strings after 7 (give or take a couple) songs on every guitar he plays excluding rehearsals and sometimes recording. There are two reasons. The first is breakage. He will, almost predictably to the song break a string after 7 songs. I can manipulate this a little depending on the variables mentioned before. The other reason is that every performance is recorded and archived as a possible live release. I want the strings to sound homogenous throughout the entire performance between all the guitars and from the same guitar. I don't let them get dull. I change Dave's main guitar strings every performance at some point in the set when it works and doesn't interrupt his momentum. I learned this protocol from Monk, the previous guitar tech, and has been the practice as long as I've known. For all guitars, including the Taylors, Martins, and Gibsons. Every guitar.


The Rockbridge guitars that we use on the stage (with tusq saddles) and in the studio are among the highest level of craftsmanship, best sounding, most consistent and reliable guitars made any where in the world in any price range. And we buy them. No ones getting freebies or paid to play or say anything. They are simply remarkable instruments."  – CB



Can we send progress pictures?

Yes, we can text progress pics.



What forms of payment do we accept?

Check, Cash, or Paypal